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Abridge visually summarizes your cloud environment & infrastructure.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Give your devops team the cross-account, cross-region perspective they need to keep your cloud-hosted apps configured consistently and running smoothly.

Security Operations

Allow your security operations team to monitor security posture and rapidly identify misconfigured or vulnerable outlier elements across cloud accounts and regions.

Audit & Compliance

Provide your internal compliance team or external auditors with an aggregate view of your cloud environment, allowing them to quickly validate compliance or flag variances.



Extracts data directly from cloud provider APIs, and deep-links to the resources you need.


Gathers data you need, with minimal effort. No more clicking through regions, or gluing together results of multiple API calls.


Visually presents related cloud attributes to allow easy comparison and faciliate identification of differences & outliers.


Locate specific cloud resources & get to the information you need quickly.


Focus on the elements of your cloud infrastructure that matter in this moment.


Abridge is under active development... more features coming soon!


Trial Plan

Free for first 30 days

  • Connect up to 2 provider accounts
  • Automated data refresh (daily)
  • Access all Abridge features

Test out Abridge at no cost for a month, and upgrade to Base Plan if you wish to continue.

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Base Plan

$250 per month

  • Connect up to 5 provider accounts
  • Automated data refresh (four times daily)
  • Manual data refresh on-demand

Additional provider accounts can be connected & will be charged at $1.00, per provider account, per day.

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How It Works...

1. Connect Accounts

Grant Abridge read-only access to your cloud provider account/s.

2. Automated Data Collection

Let Abridge query and aggregate operational data regarding your cloud environment.

3. See It All

Use Abridge to easily view the state of your cloud environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Abridge support <provider/product/service>?
  • Abridge remains under development and if the demand is there, and the technology allows it, additional provider/product/service support will be added.
  • Abridge currently collects data from:
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Auth0
    • GitHub
  • Please, send in your suggestions!
  • Is Abridge secure?
  • Abridge been architected, implemented, and is operated with modern security practices in mind. It is built on Amazon Web Services and takes advantage of AWS's existing security posture. A variety of security controls, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, is deployed to protect Abridge systems and associated data.
  • Abridge's Security Overview addresses this question in depth.
  • Does Abridge scale?
  • Abridge's architecture is cloud-native / serverless & designed to scale.
  • One limitiation to consider is the visualization component's ability to render large amounts of data in the browser. Initially this could be addressed by partitioning accounts across multiple Abridge organizations, still getting significant aggregation benefits but not "all-in-one".
  • Abridge remains under development and as scale is tested, different Abridge profiles may be created that combine aggregation/visualization options based on environment size.
  • What is Abridge built with?
  • Abridge uses primarily serverless technology. Modern cloud services & APIs are (mostly) a pleasure to work with (thanks in part to Terraform). Svelte is a breath of fresh air in Javascript land, and D3.js handles the visualizations. Python 3 and boto3 are also pretty nifty. Not that it matters, but all text is edited using vim, with ALE's help.
  • Who built & operates Abridge?
  • Abridge was created by Jamie Finnigan (LinkedIn), who has been working in information technology, primarily security, for twenty years. Since first attending an AWS-hosted training in 2006, he's watched cloud capabilities accelerate and complexity increase, and seen organizations encounter significant challenges in keeping up. Abridge is an attempt to help meet those challenges.